Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 24: Sanity is Like Laundry...

Yesterday, I decided to take a break from all things writing and computering as a reward for hitting those 20,000 words. I spent the day hanging out with my kids. So many kisses and hugs and tickling happened it was like a nice hot chocolate for my soul. When my husband got home, we all just hung out together and watched Top Chef. There was also a special about Jeff Bridges on PBS that was really interesting. Did you know that he has a Zen coach? I want a Zen coach.

Anyway, it was awesome! And I realized that my sanity is kinda like laundry. If not taken care of, it will just grow and grow until it's this huge monster. Every once in a while, you've just got to take care of it: wash it, fold it, and put it away where it belongs, nice and organized in it's respective drawers no matter how long it takes.

Yesterday, my sanity needed some washing and drying. I've been so caught up with writing that it had kinda taken over my brain. But today I feel nice and refreshed and organized. Now I can climb back on that horse and do some more work. Along with some actual laundry... And dishes... My floor needs mopping too... *sigh*

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