Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 13: Where in I Try to Understand My Writing More...

Yesterday, I worked my buns off for hours, ending up with 4200 words which put me over 12,000 words. Hurray for me!!! It felt awfully good. And I'm sure I'm getting enough down that editing will not totally demolish the manuscript.

After I decided to put it down for the night, I continued reading Claudia Gray's book Evernight. Its pretty good so far, BTW. Anyway, I guess after writing all day, the differences between my writing and her's stood out to me. She uses not a lot but a few similes. I couldn't remember putting any similes or metaphors in my book so far.

Good or bad?

I guess I'm just not fond of similes or metaphors. If not done properly, they seem almost contrived to me and take me away from the story. Should I try my hand at it and hope it works out? I think I'll wait until revision to try.

I also read an article in the new RT Book Reviews about self publishing and I'm about to read another one at the PBS website. Its an interesting concept but there's just something about the journey of finding an agent and getting published that appeals to me. I want someone, other than my family and friends, to believe in my work. And I want to receive a big box of my books. And I want.... Well, I want the whole shebang as you probably can tell.

Again, none of this matters unless I have a dazzling manuscript. So, its once more into the breach, dear friends...

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