Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shufflin' Saturday

Music is definitely inspirational for me when starting a new WIP. Sometimes I feel like the vibe I'm going for in a book can't be fully realized unless I find a theme song. This is why, last night, I asked my Facebook friends to suggest music. And I got a wide range of recommendations.

Commence the deluge of Youtube videos, Mr. Chekov!


(Already knew about these guys, they are awesome. Also, this is such a great video!)

(Dubstep Remix of If I Die Young by The Band Perry. Would be great inspiration for a fight scene!)

Alex Clare

Whiskey Shivers

(Good lyric-less stuff which is what I need sometimes to stay focused on writing)

Bill Withers

The Avett Brothers

Foster the People

Daniel Johnston
(I watched the documentary about this man. Such a musical genius.)

Lykke Li

So, there you have it. Post in the comments what you think or if you have something you've discovered that you want to share!

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