Friday, March 23, 2012

Fangirl Friday: The Hunger Games Edition *SPOILERS*

Do not click this post if you don't want the movie or the first book to be spoiled for you!

I am extremely excited to see Haymitch do his thing. Woody Harrelson is the perfect casting choice in my opinion. 

And talk about an inspired choice with Lenny Kravitz! Can't you just see him creating the costumes, keeping Katniss calm. I hope he blows it out of the water!

OH and the ceremony!!! Katniss as the girl on fire!!! Oh man, I just got chill bumps.

And, yes, the actual games themselves. All the crap our people go through! The tracker jackets! The presents from supporters... Rue... RUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tear*

And the end of the games. The cornucopia scene! With those scary monster things!!! HOLY CRAP! 

Okay, what are you excited to see?

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