Friday, March 2, 2012

Fangirl Friday!

Happy Birthday to Daniel Craig, Jon Bon Jovi, and Dr. Seuss!

New Avengers Trailer!!!!

OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! Soooo BADASS! Am I right? I know. I'm right.

I started watching Downton Abbey this week. And yes, all the hype is correct. It's awesome!

And as with everything I become obsessed with, I had to do a thorough search for awesomeness pertaining to it. I came across this:

Clicky on the image to go to the Kill Screen tumblr for MOAR cards!

Last night, I went on an interwebz binge. I pinterested and etsyed like a mad woman! Do you know about all the amazing nerd girl stuff on Etsy? Let's discuss:

Spiffing Jewelry has sooooo much awesome stuff at good prices. Stuff like this:

luv2right has this which shall be mine on day:

And this which shall be Stefanie's one day:

Sophie's Beads... WANT IT ALL!

What do y'all think? Awesome, right?!

Post in the comments if you have any fangirl/fanguy-ing you've been doing lately.

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