Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 7: Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

So, there's a magazine that I love, love, love: Romantic Times Book Reviews. I've been receiving a subscription for two years now and have no plans on stopping anytime soon.

I remembered that this magazine runs an article theries *blows nose*, I mean, series, called Pros on Prose. After gathering them all up (22 all together, must find the 2 or 3 I'm missing), marking every article, and picking out which ones I wanted to read immediately, there were only 3 that went back on the shelf.

This goes to show you what an amazing resource this magazine is. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Later in the day, I decided to get right down to the nitty gritty and start putting some words on paper, er, screen. From 4pm to 8pm with headphones on, chocolates by my chair, I wrote, taking frequent breaks I'm ashamed to say. Ending up with 3696 words. Divide that into 175,000 words (I'm not even sure if that's how long I want it to be, just guesstimating) you get about 47.

So, it should take a little over a month and a half to finish the first draft IF I write about 4 hours a day.

BWAHAHAHA, yeah right... it is to laugh.... Why do I do this to myself? Because I can already tell that about a third or more of what I wrote will have to be redone. So that tags on about another 15 days. Maybe I should just abandon the whole idea of nailing down how long it should take me.

I called my brother, who is also a writer and way better at grammar and punctuation than I am, and asked him to be my unofficial editor. His feedback was good, pretty much what I wanted to hear. But he wanted a blurb, a short description of the book. But, by the time I spoke to him my brain felt so fried I couldn't put the whole idea in a semi-short paragraph. That will be my task for Day 8.

I realize this whole post is a testament to how naive I am about this whole writing business. But that's the whole idea of this blog. This way I can look back from Day 2000 and marvel at how cute I was thinking I could even be close to a first draft in 2 months and how asking my brother to be my editor was a good idea.

Plus, I'm hoping this blog will garner me some good advice from experienced writers. Because apparently I need it, lol.

Speaking of good advice from experienced authors, I must say once again, Twitter is awesome! Got another response about whether or not I should read while writing. This time it was from Kiersten White, author of the YA novel Paranormalcy.

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