Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 1: It Begiiiiinnnnssss....

It's December 20, 2010, the night of a beautiful lunar eclipse and I have spent my day trolling the blogs of YA authors. I hit upon Stephanie Perkins's blog and open new tabs from her blogroll. Seriously, I just go down the list, soaking up what everyone has to say, bookmarking most pages.

Suddenly, inspiration strikes and I'm swept up in an idea for a book that will not leave me alone. I spend the entire evening working on it and am amazed at the feeling of finally thinking of something that seems perfect for me. In fact, I wasn't creating it... more like I was discovering it. So obsessed was I that I missed the eclipse entirely.

Everything fell into place. Every song that popped up on Pandora had something to do with the idea. Every piece of research added something more. My husband seemed to be able to help me fix any problem in the plot perfectly. My journal began to fill up with ideas, questions, and inspiration for the book.

Finally, I force myself to go to sleep. I drift off with the story still running through my head.

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