Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 109: A Day in the Life of a Writer...

What's a writer supposed to do when they start reading a book and it seems like every other aspect of that book is incredibly similar to the book said writer is writing?

1. Freak the f*** out!
2. Keep reading said book because it is awesome.
3. Berate self for being a crap writer because this book is so well written, it is ridiculous, and there is no way self can do better.
4. Set awesome book down because it is now a ticking time bomb.
5. Call DH to whine about your predicament.
6. Throw manuscript in trash.
7. Write a rambling email to critique partner about how you're thinking of changing the whole vibe and voice of your book.
8. Read critique partner's amazingly inspiring response email that begins with "Deep breaths. Deep breaths."
9. Take said deep breaths.
10. Man up and finish reading time bomb.
11. Realize that critique partner is right. You shouldn't completely change your book just to be different from this other book. Just because there are some similarities does not mean you have to give up. 
12. More deep breaths.
13. Pull your manuscript out of the trash, dust off coffee grinds, and get back to making it sparkle. Because you've worked way too hard to get to this point and not finish.


  1. Ah, the rollercoaster that is writing. Don't forget that no one can write your story except you! New follower:)

  2. Thanks, Ruth! For the great advice and the follow :)



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