Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 65: Tedious Questions...

So, the end is in sight, people! Pretty soon my first draft will be finished and then I'll be ready to edit and revise FOR REAL. I do have a couple questions that I'll need to look into, though:

1. What is the protocol when it comes to mentioning actual movies, TV shows, music, etc.. in my book?

2. What about famous quotes?

I'm sure there's more but those are the two that concern me the most. I'm sure I could just google this but if anyone that's dropping by here has the answers and is feeling generous, I'd super appreciate the input :)

Anyway, today I plan on going to the store and buying a good red pen with a fine tip ('cause that's how I roll, ya'll) and I will promise myself not to open it until the MS is finished and printed out. Heck, maybe I'll tape it to the wall above my computer as incentive to get this sucker finished! Using an opened piece of office supplies as incentive is weird, I know, but I luuuurrve spankin' new office supplies.

I also have another kind of general question to ask: If you know it will take more than one book to tell your story, how far ahead do you plot? Are all the plot points planned out before you even query you're first book? Or do you just kind of see what happens and hope you'll be able to figure it out if the time comes?

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  1. 1. Be careful with using TV shows and such in a MS. It can work, and has certainly been done, but it also dates your book.

    2. Depending on the quote, or if it's lyrics from a song, you may have to buy a copyright release from the owner in the eventuality that the book is published.

    3. As far as writing a series...I write the first book, know generally where the second book will go, but don't outline or anything in advance of agent hunting. Don't know if that's the "right" way necessarily, but it's what I'm doing. LOL



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