Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 43: Some Days You Wanna Write...

... and some days you don't. Yesterday was one of those "don't" days for me. I just didn't feel like it. I couldn't even think about writing. I watched like 3 movies and just hung out with the boys. Today though, the monster returned in full force. I woke up thinking about what my next scene should be. Thank goodness... I was a little worried there for a moment.

Oh, the New Horizons Literary Club's (we're still debating on the name) first meeting on Sunday went extremely well. Melissa has a great story idea and I hope I helped her. It did seem like she was working it out as we went along. And of course, her input on my WIP is always helpful. Plus, it made me feel super good that she was excited to read the stuff that I'd done since giving her my partial manuscript.

We did end up scraping the reading of Les Mis and The Great Gatsby, though. Les Mis is such a long and involved story that I don't blame her for being a little annoyed with it. And I tried to get into Gatsby. The writing of it can be very beautiful, but I just can't get into it because I just plain disliked all the characters. Oh well. Melissa does have Anna and the French Kiss so, maybe, she read the first few pages and inevitably get hooked!

It looks like today is going to be a super stormy and all around bad weather day. Which means my internet will be down. Which means NO DISTRACTIONS! Good for writing...

So, its time to get back to it.

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