Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 47: Ahhhh, the Weekend is Here!

Thank goodness the weekend is here! Being a stay-at-home Mom, I have some trouble getting words down during the week. I try, I really do, but there's always something else to get done. Did you know kids can be needy? I know, I was shocked, too!

The weekend is when I get most of my writing done. I get to foist the kids onto the DH or which ever Grandparent needs kiddo time. I tend to lock myself in my office and frantically type, type, type.

So in honor of those munchkins we all love so much, here's a little example of one of those things that tend to distract me during the week. As parents, we have to keep an eye on what our kids are watching. I freakin' love this!

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