Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Ideas Drive Me Crazy

I decided to go back over all my old blog posts today because of this post from Roni Loren and I realized something. In the beginning, this blog was meant to be a place for me to discuss my writing journey. Back when I started that first book, this blog was where I went to vent, talk about writer stuffs, converse with new friends, get advice and maybe even give some advice along the way. And rereading some of those posts reminded me of this. Granted, some of those posts make me shiver, but ya know, whatever.

Anyway, I enjoyed those posts, so I'm going to try to get back to that type of blogging. Being honest, talking about the craft, and sharing stories instead of these other things I've been doing (or not doing because I'm sure you can see that I haven't been blogging hardly at all lately).

So, I'll just get right to that :)

I've been having trouble lately with... well... all of my WIPs. I remember the days when I had just one book I was working on writing.

*sighs, looks wistfully off into the distance* Those were the days. 

Now I think I might be stretching myself too thin. With book #1 and then with TSIBAN, I had this need to focus on just them. While I was writing each one, they were it, the end all, be all. I don't know what's happened to my brain. It's like I'm just walking along then:


Then I can't be satisfied until I've written the first few pages. THEN after I've done that, I immediately go into this self-doubt mode like, "What am I doing working on this? I should be working on this other thing. And this isn't that great anyway. Right? But I really like it." And on and on.


*deep breaths, deep breaths*

And there you have it. A seriously rambly and out of nowhere post. Please tell me I'm not alone in this. What do you do to keep the new ideas at bay? How do you stay focused?


  1. It's called The Ideas Notebook. Each time you have a new idea, or whenever something strikes you about any previous idea, write it down. Brain dump all your tangenty (it's a word, kinda)thoughts so they will all be there when you get around to them. I even have random things that I've heard people say in mine. Anything that makes me laugh, so I can use them when the time is right. Do I need to send you a special notebook, hmm?? :)

    1. I love this idea, Suze! Mainly because it gives me a reason to get new office supplies. I <3 new, clean notebooks :D

    2. I, too, love new office supplies. And I approve of your decision to get a shiny new notebook for your shiny new ideas. Because I know you were waiting for my approval, right?


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  3. Also, I got the please-type-what-you-see-in-the-box-to-prove-you're-not-a-robot thing wrong three times in a row, and now I'm debating my humanity, so thanks for that. Can other people really read those jumbled letters and numbers???



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