Thursday, February 16, 2012

Challenge Time!

So, I want to try something out. I love connecting with people and having fun. Here's the plan:

I'd like people to tweet me (@LeahR_Miller) or leave a comment here on this post (leave an email or twitter handle) with suggestions for a challenge/dare for me to do. It has to be something I can do in a day, doesn't cost much money, not racy, and you know, won't put me in any mortal peril. The winning suggestion will be chosen by my husband and my brother. My husband because he won't be too hard on me and my brother because he will.

I'm not going to make following me on this blog or on twitter or anywhere else a requirement. BUT that'd be nice :)

What you could win:
A $10 gift card to Amazon!!! That's right, when I do things, I do them BIG!

Grand Finale:
On Saturday, I'll do the thing, and on Sunday, I'll post the winner and document how everything went.

If it goes well, I could make this a bi-weekly or monthly thing.

So, go for it! Give me your best shot! Oh, and spreading the word is appreciated!


  1. Make a batch of pancakes, then blowup a float, then float in cane rive while eating the pancakes....P.S. You will need syrup for them!:)

  2. You are evil, Krista. Just plain evil, lol! :P

  3. Sing the Dolly Parton Clasic "I Will Always Love You". Post the evidence on Youtube.

  4. I LOVE this... and I'm thinking...



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