Friday, April 6, 2012

Fangirl Friday!

Happy birthday to Zach Braff (a.k.a JD on Scrubs, a.k.a. Stefanie's alter-ego), Paul Rudd, and John Ratzenberger!

So, lots of news on the superhero movies front.

The Captain America sequel will be released on April 4, 2014! YAY and BOO! I have to wait two freaking years to see more of this:

The X-Men: First Class sequel will start shooting in January which means we'll have to wait even longer for more McAvoy and Fassbender. It's kinda easier for me to deal with this since I'm loving the X-Men titles from Marvel. AND I'm only up to 2010 in those. I was on a comic binge the other day and realized I was missing a couple of issues because the next one in line was this:

*RECORD SCRATCH!* Right! To put it simply, I was astonished (nudge, nudge, get it?!).

Anyway, that's enough of that. Let's continue with what I started last week. Today, I'm discussing:

The Best Time-Suck: TV 101, Part 1

I mentioned last week the Star Trek serieses (that's not a word, but it is now) and Firefly so we won't go into them. Let's start with what is considered by many as the most geeky, awesomest television show of all time. DOCTOR WHO! The Doctor, in all his incarnations, is a sonic screwdriver carrying, Tardis riding, Dalek hating bad-ass. Confession time: I have not watched Doctor Who. *ducks projectiles* I just started this past week. I'm trying to start at the beginning. Well, more like the modern beginning. The 2005 series starring Christopher Eccleston.

I became obsessed after the first episode, so if you decide to take on Doctor Who, step lightly because you won't want to stop once you've started and considering there are A LOT of episodes, you might want to block out a week or more if you want to get through them in one swoop. Also, Neil Gaiman wrote for the series here recently and anything Gaiman is involved with has to be good, right?

Now, how about some superhero action. Superman! One of the greats! There used to be this show called Lois & Clark... Remember that? Huh? Guess what, I own all the DVD collections. I will admit that they aren't as great as they were when I first watched them back in the 90's, but a lot of the episodes still hold up. Mainly because I think Terri Hatcher was a perfect Lois Lane and I had a HUGE thing for Dean Cain. This isn't really a must watch, but I like it :)

Then, there is Smallville! Such a great show! I actually have a funny, probably boring story about this. Well, not about Smallville, but kinda. My brother worked on a movie with one of the directors of Smallville so I gave him my season 2 DVD set to get it signed. The director was super nice and did, in fact, sign it. Then, my brother left it on the back of a truck, never to be seen again. So, just saying, BRIAN YOU STILL OWE ME A COPY OF SEASON 2! 

Okay, I'll cut it off here because this post is getting way too long. Join me next week! Same Bat-time, same Bat-place! Post your TV suggestions in the comments!

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