Monday, November 7, 2011

Get Unstuck...

It was Friday. My husband took the day off. I had plenty of time to focus on my book. I pulled up the document that morning, excited to get to work. Then it happened. I knew what needed to be done, BUT the words wouldn't come. I'd get up, try to distract myself with one thing or another, then I'd sit back down and... Nothing.

At around seven that night, I decided something had to give. This day would not be wasted. It felt like I needed a change. Then, an idea struck. The product of said idea is the picture. I piled pillows and a blanket into my tub and curled up in there with my laptop and Pandora.

It worked. I ended up making plenty of progress.

Now, I'm not technically saying that curling up in your bathtub with a cup of hot chocolate will cure your writing blahs, but I kinda am. For me, it wasn't specifically the tub that did it, it was the change in environment, the change in mind set, the total aloneness. Plus, it was really comfortable.

So, that's my advice for you NaNoWriMo people and just writers in general. If you get stuck, change your mind set; set up on top of the dining room table, in a closet, in the pantry, outside. Maybe change your playlist, choose a genre of music that you never would have expected to go with your book.

I realize this isn't the revelation of the century, but it's worth mentioning. We all get stuck in ruts and a lot of the time (most of the time for me) it's up to us to get unstuck.

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